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Originally Posted by Cole_Robbie View Post
If you're really in love with that particular variety, it is possible to turn it from a hybrid into an open-pollinated variety within a few years, 3-4 I think. Save the seeds, grow them out next year, select the plant that is what you want and save seeds from that plant. Once you get to about the 4th year or so, your saved seed should all be true.

I'm trying Mountain Princess this year in my high tunnel as an early tomato:

I'm also trying Ballada:

Both of them are short-season determinate reds, similar to Applause
How did the Ballada do? I looked it up on Tatiana's site and it seems like it might be a little smaller than Applause. Applause is 10 -12 ounces. It is hard to find a earlish mid season of a decent size. Gregori's Altai might be one I need to grow again, but I am open to other's opinions.
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