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Default I need a good compost recipe

I have 500 cubic yards of 80% dried grass clippings from 2 acres of bush hogging a few days ago and I should be able to get half that much again in 2 weeks. 2 loads of wood chips from last year that are about 70% composted with nice dark compost full of worms and I just bought a lawn sweeper to use for the grass clippings and now I'm using it for leaves. I have about 20 trees on 3 acres and more on the fence line. I shouldn't have a shortage of leaves. I did a sweep today with hardly any leaves on the ground and I'm surprised from the amount I picked up along with grass clippings when I mowed 5 days ago.

I plan on sweeping all the leaves, run them over with the mower to shred them and layer grass, leaves, grass, leaves then top it with chips.

I started building raised beds this year because of the floods/heavy rains here in Louisiana and the weeds are so much easier to maintain. With that said I can compost in beds, rows, part of the garden or in a pile.

So how would you use this to make a compost I can use next spring?
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