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Originally Posted by SharonRossy View Post
Oh my, the anticipation is more than I can stand! Karen, I want to try all of them! Amazing! I just love reading this thread and seeing what you have accomplished. So incredible!
Plus, potato leave plants look so beautiful and easier to tend to. And every single one I ever grew were tasty too. I do not know why there are no more PL varieties than RL.
The fact that Karen is working on PLs is a super plus for all of us. And Marsha is helping to speed it up and at the same time testing its grows and taste in Florida makes them super tomatoes. They would be able to produce early, sustain cold spells, heat, rain, dry spells, bugs, you name it. And GREAT TASTE TOO! You have my vote.

God comes along and says, "I think I'm going to create THE tomato!”
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