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Originally Posted by wmontanez View Post
I will try...

You can plant true seed (TPS) and get more berries with TPS to save. I have done that BUT they are more like hybrid tomatoes seeds because the true potato seed have diversity in the genes. If you plant TPS seeds, all the plants are not identical. You can end up with different color tubers!

The potato plant grown from TPS will develop potatoes and you can replant those the next year but again you will get diverse potatoes and you will need to select those you like to replant.

Stabilized potato? TPS gives you new varieties of potato. You have to select those you like and continue to plant via vegetative cloning by planting a tuber etc and saving them each year. But the TPS has the information locked in so you could replant few years later and refresh those you like.

Did I make you more confused?
Thanks! That clears up the confusion I had regarding TPS.
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