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Originally Posted by Barb_FL View Post
Great job; I never heard of a 2 lber grown in Florida.

Will check out Tanunda b/c I really like Sweet Scarlet.

Has your garden recovered from the fungus?
it has recovered from the first round, but we have some more fog today. That makes me worry.

Originally Posted by Fritz77 View Post
Beautiful pictures and tomatoes! Midnight sun look very interesting as I like bicolor and heart shaped tomatoes. Can you tell us more about it? How does it taste compare to OR 117?

Also, can you tell us more about Wild Thyme Pink? I didn't find much information about it on the web. Last season wasn't very good for pink tomatoes in my garden but I would like to give them another try next spring.

I am growing both Midnight Sun and OR 117, I can tell you that Midnight Sun is more pink, and has a more intense flavor, or 117 is rather mild. However midnight sun is not stable, and will not be released until Karen decides that it is stable and able to be. It's her creation, and I am doing a southern trial of this one. She may release it next fall if she feels it a stable. Wild thyme pink is an excellent production and taste pink tomato that I wouldn't hesitate to grow, it is my second year in a row growing it. This year I like it far better than Elgin pink which for some reason has a strange taste this year.

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