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I have clear plastic, 6ft wide and about 1 mil, with holes for venting every foot. I've been wanting to start early stuff with that over hoops, but watering is the big issue. Even when it rains, it won't really get wet under there. Gravity drip would be a pain and mess with it freezing overnight. I don't see a way to really do it without a full on cold frame that could be tilted back to water easily...and even then, the outdoor spigots are turned off for the winter.

So I really like how those little bins in the video funnel the water where it is needed, and I do think it fairly simple to modify generic bins with a heat gun and drill. If needed it would be easy enough to fill a bucket inside and just pour it on top for the channels to drip water down.

To make the rain catchers up top, use a heat gun on the flat bottom of a clear tote and press it down into channels. Maybe a board on edge under it to keep the center up while molding with heat. Then drill holes for the drip effect. And drilling holes on the rims is easy enough for the stake holders.

Granted, I haven't tried it, but it seems easy enough.
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