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Originally Posted by Tomzhawaii View Post
The tomato wasn't all that great. But on the upside...we're making progress. It took me 2 years to get tomatoes that can be eaten. I consider my garden to be a co-op of sorts. It provides me with a mental time out. I am totally tone deaf , so playing an instrument is out. Part color blind, so painting is also out. I don't feel like watching a dog poop and picking it up, as he watches me. So growing stuff has it's rewards even if it's not perfect...YET. I am lucky to have the time and money to play and watch seeds grow. My Mother in law asked my wife. What do I do when I get home from work ? Her response was that I check my garden. M.I.L. told her that's great. He dosen't go drinking with the boys, not out all night. Not fixing a hotrod, just to waste money and crash it. She should be happy it's only a garden. I love that woman !!!
Aloha for now,

Sounds like you were talking about me lol.
I couldn't agree more, my Hobbies keep me out of trouble as I used to be a bit, eh, let's just say I have calmed down a bit!
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