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Default A tomato dessert

I thought this was worthy of being shared!

I checked out a book on Korean cooking last week and found a fascinating dessert recipe.

1. Slice 2 large ripe tomatoes into 1" slices. Arrange on 4 plates.
2. Drizzle each plate with 1 tablespoon honey. Serve.

I am now counting the days until my tomatoes will be ripe enough to try this. It should only be. . . three more months, I guess.
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My grandfather from Chenango Co. NY always sprinkled his sliced tomatoes with sugar and then added a teaspoon of vinegar. Always assumed that was just one of those things from the north. Down the block my southern grandmother in the low country always used salt and way too much black pepper.
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We sliced tomatoes, sprinkled sugar on them, lots of pepper, and made sandwiches with them...I still like them like this....but the best of all is a sun warmed golden yellow pear, just pop it in you mouth and enjoy heaven. LOL
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