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MAGTAG™ Coordinator
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Default It's March ... time for MAGTAG planning!

Hi, all - is everybody up for MAGTAG VIII? Which Saturday in August is best for all of you? Let me know and I'll reserve our usual pavillion.

One thing - even if you have the mealiest, yuckiest-looking tomatoes on earth on the day of the festival, please bring them. Two of our most-reliable attendees were unable to supply any tomatoes for the tasting last year, and we had a much more limited assortment for the tasting. It seems as if we have more attendees every year, but fewer folks bringing the fruits of their harvest. Please, please, bring tomatoes if you can!

I'm growing some of Trudi's winter-sown seeds this year, in an effort to grow something other than my usual varieties. Well, of course I'm growning Sungold and Black Cherry, but this year's list also includes Red & Black Boar, Moon Yellow, Chesapeake, Lucky Cross and Early Kus Ali, along with the ubiquitous Black Krim and Cherokee Purple.
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Hello! I am almost brand new at tomato growing and a relative newcomer to Tomatoville but just wanted to poke my head up and say hello. I wasn't aware that these gatherings existed until I started poking around in Tomatoville's nooks and crannies.

I live in southern MD, spitting distance from DC. Where is the Mid-Atlantic gathering usually held?
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Cecilia and all Tomato Folks,

I am in, however, I agree with Cecelia, it won't be much of a tomato tasting without tomatoes. Please share some of your harvest; this is what this gathering is about. I would love to get new ideas and see new stuff!

I have a few new ones this year along with old ones. I am looking at two of the Dwarf Project tomatoes and others

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Cheryll and I plan on coming. I promise to bring tomatoes. The guilt of not bringing a sample last year is still affecting me, so I may act out by wearing an outrageous t-shirt, er, as usual. My guilt is special because we actually raise them to sell. Seriously, I look forward to seeing everyone, comparing notes, and sharing whatever seeds I can scrape from the plates of the samples. Hank
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Cecilia, I was lucky enough to get one of your Lucky Cross leftovers at a MAGTAG I attended several years ago. I fell in love!!!!! To date, I have not produced one tomato on any plant of LC I have ever grown and this year will be the last time I will try it .

Hopefully, I will get to MAGTAG this year.

I pay the mortgage, but my cats own the house!
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Hi. I live in NJ (guess you could tell by my name) and have wanted to attend, but my family doesn't like me making the three hour drive to Baltimore. This is just a thought, if the date choice is really open..

Starr Bus Lines holds a one day Baltimore express trip, $55 pp round trip. They drop you off in the inner Harbor in the morning and pick you up in the late afternoon. I could get a ride to the park where MAGTAG is held. Other people who live significantly north might be able to take advantage of this also The thing is that it's held only one day in August--August 10.

So would August 10 be an option? If it's not, I understand.

If it helps my cause, I would bring tomatoes--and I grow heirlooms.

Last edited by NisiNJ; April 14, 2013 at 03:13 PM. Reason: Adding the part about bringing tomatoes.
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I live in NJ - maybe we can ride together! I know there are several members who live in NJ. It would be nice if a group of us can go in one car.

I pay the mortgage, but my cats own the house!
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