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Originally Posted by Jeannine Anne View Post
Ok, sorry I bothered you
You didn't bother me.
All along there has been information back and forth as to if you even need reflectors.
Saying paint the light cord was a joke.

One thing I can warn you about is the information you will get on some of the sites you have been visiting are the result of people spending way too much money on stuff.

I will try to get my point across in two different ways.
Years ago they used to have the stereos that would have so and so distortion at so and so watts or amount of power.
This amount of distortion was far beyond what the human ear could detect.
The same goes with those crazy magnum hunting rifles.
They keep cumming up with new rounds that are like 50 feet per second faster than some other round.
The end result is the same and it is just about getting you to spend money you dont need to spend.
In other words better may not be enough to amount to a hill of beans.
There is so much miss information on those pot growing sites it is unreal.

If you get some 65K T8 bright day light tubes with as high a wattage as you can find you will be doing fine.
They are the same light spectrum as the noon day sun.
They put out every color of the light spectrum your plant needs.
They will put out blooms and produce fruit if you want them to.

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