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Default Update and more questions

To update I picked up a bale of ProMix HP for $28 and a bag of pine bark mulch for $3.50. The bark is not aged and is not labeled as fines, but it seems to be in the sub 1/2in range, so its good enough.

Now for the questions. First, should I go with a 5-1-1 or 3-1-1 mix? Does it make any real difference. Second, since HP already has around 30% perlite how much additional perlite do I mix in? Or should I use vermiculite?

HP has dolomite to adjust pH. Do I need more? How much epsom salts do I mix in? What about micro nutrient additives. Has anyone used Azomite?

Now for the really hard topic, fertilizer and fertilizing strategies. I pretty much have decided to try Texas Tomato Food, but does this mean I do not mix in any controlled release fertilizer like Osmocote?

OK I think thats enough, I need to start shopping for seeds!
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Bumping this thread because i have some questions regarding my containers.

I have my own made mix according to mels mix for square foot gardening. I have grown onions in four of my earthboxes (not being used as self watering anymore) and I have grown cantaloupes in two of my earthboxes (also not being used as self watering anymore). I just loosened all the mix in each box and will slip a plastic bag over them to keep the weeds and rain out of them until I am ready to use them again.

These boxes have been through one season of growing and I want to ready them for next season. Should I add anything to the mix? I have bat quano here ready to go if I need to add it.

If I should add some, how much should I add and when? Before I plant or now?

The bat guano could be sitting in the mix getting all comfy for planting around August or September.
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