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Default rain gutter grow system & texas tom. food

has anyone here ever put Texas Tomato Food in their rain gutter grow system?
I'm using grow bags atop Larry Hall's RGGS, gutter has a float valve in it. So far, it's working perfectly.

I'd like to drain the gutter maybe every other week, and dump in a 5 gal bucket of TTF, anyone try that before?
I've been top watering the grow bags with TTF, but it overfills the gutter and really isn't what the RGGS was designed for.

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That is more work than I would do, emptying the gutters every other week. I figure since this is a passive system anything I put in the gutter won't really circulate, so I top water when I fertilize. I don't add so much that the gutters overflow. JMHO.
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