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Originally Posted by Gerardo View Post
Not a bad cross at all, not by any stretch. What a beauty.

The other multi-parent Dester cross sounds mighty interesting too (#95).

Quick question: did the other parents help in reducing Dester's early blight susceptibility? I love the taste/texture of Dester, however, it gets walloped big time with EB in my neck of the woods, even with preventative measures.
A couple of interesting things came out of the Dester 3 way cross. The fruit shape is pretty darn nice, very much a market tomato, they throw a heavy yield, the fruit is nice size, great texture, and they are fairly early. I assume the shape and earliness comes from BB which is in both sides, and both Dester and Brandywine taste great.

I do think they have some disease resistance, MSE does, it seems to hold up well. Now in your area where you have more disease, may tell a different story.

What I wonder is how BB holds up in disease prone areas?
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