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Originally Posted by GreenThumbGal_07 View Post
Just found one of the smaller Sangria fruit, hanging on the trellis out in back, isn't really gaining in size. Because I've had to rearrange these vines multiple times to get them out of the way and onto the trellis, some vines had become twisted. I generally water the plants after such a rearrangement in order to reduce their stress. One thing I hadn't counted on was twisting the "umbilical cord" stem to the developing fruit. It's folded over on this one. I think I need to "untwist" so water and nutrients can again flow freely.
This seems to be an issue with the watermelons; no other cucurbit seems to have a fruit stem that is so long, so flexible, and so subject to getting pinched off.

Snipped off this fruit, which had a green stem but was shriveled at the blossom end. This will teach me to leave developing fruit alone! If I get two good melons per vine I will be grateful.
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