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Default Which root stock for short seasons?

Hi, I am wondering which rootstock of the RST series, Estamino, or Fortamino is best for shorter seasons?

I already have all those. I grew Fortamino last year that claims better for it but all the seeds really never did well at all.

I have side grafted before in N. California but my records weren't that great. But they all did well. But Carbon on Estamino was pretty late. RST 106 on large potato leaved types did well.

Growing in grow bags so not that worried about soil disease. Really about early vigor and keeping earliness with grafting. I will be starting these two weeks ahead of normal non grafted seeding.

And if you have time what varieties worked better depending on rootstock.
It seemed that larger plants did better with RST and Estamino with moderate size but sometimes was same.

Bill has mentioned that the RST series was better at short season compared to Estamino. But is there any reason to add in that he is in a warm long season and if that would have any difference in my short PNW season.

I know I seem to be answering the question myself, but I like to have as much data as possible.

Anyway, thanks for any input!
Gary in Olympia

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estamino , fortamino , rst

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