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Bower - for my source of rye flour, I buy a 5 or 10 pound bag of the rye grain at the health food store, then grind 2 or 3 cups in my Vitamix as needed. Also get larger bags of winter hard white wheat berries for my whole wheat flour. All organic, of course...
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Originally Posted by bower View Post
Thanks Clk! I googled and you're right, although spelt does contain some gluten :" . the gluten in spelt has a different molecular make-up than the gluten in modern wheat. It is more fragile and more water soluble, which makes it easier to digest." Apparently well digested by the sourdough culture. I thought since the bread was mostly wheat flour there should be gluten enough. ...........
Wheat in the flour is different from variety to variety. no idea what kind of wheat you had but some wheat has very little gluten in it and other varieties work fine. I buy specifically bread flour. high gluten unbleached if available bread flour. it does have barley in it so maybe that it the difference. I also buy pastry flour which had little gluten and does not make good bread. it is makes flaky crusts, cookies, ckaes etc... it is lacking gluten. I never buy all purpose flour for making bread. Thesco is also a good flour for making sourdough bread, if you have the brand available. I bought a 25 # bag of bread flour at Sam's Club... rotten flour. dont get it to work with. my bread was like a rock.
carolyn k
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Hard wheat bread and pasta.
Soft wheat cakes and pastries.
All purpose wheat general cooking and frying.
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@Salix, that's a good idea... organic is a plus as far as I'm concerned, especially with grains as I understand there are a lot of pesticide/herbicide residues. For something I won't use a lot of, it is worth the extra price.

@Carolynk, I never had a problem with my flour gluten before the 'cakey sourdough'... but I did some reading and I think I know what I did wrong... I had let the starter 'collapse' but did not remove the "hootch" from on top, I kept it all in. It was not bitter at all but super tangy... however I think that affected the gluten and structure of the bread. I'll try doing it the right way next time.
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Bower, Speerville out of NB lost their contract with Sobey's in 2013. So sad. The best flour I've
had here. Could only get the basic wheat but they have heritage land race varieties and organic.
Probably only found in coop health food stores. Miss it. Have to settle on RobinHood.

The Forkish pinch/fold is a good easy sturdy dough and can be fridged for a few days for rolls,
burger buns, pizza, etc. Started another batch but too hot to crank up the oven,
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Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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Oakley, the Dominion stores here carry Speerville flours. My spelt and buckwheat are from them, great products. They just aren't stocking the full variety, at least in the store I shop at.
Yes it's too hot to bake now isn't it.
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