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Originally Posted by charline View Post
I already have sent half of the seeds I got to Carolyn and her seeds producers are working in it. If it tastes good I will also send some packs to Gary.
Yes you did and when you sent all four to me you hadn't even grown them out yourself, so really couldn't describe them.So I'm glad to see even the one you pictured.

Yes,all four you sent me are being worked with this summer. And you already know what I do with new varieties as to where they go,so I won't go into that.

How many years has it been now that you've shared new varieties with me,I just can't remember.And although I've offered to send back some to you, I mean new ones, you have your ways,ahem,of finding your own new ones.

I loved the picture of Zluta Kytice, one of my most favorite multifloras and we have Clara in Germany to thank for that one.

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