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Default GMO corn

Hey, everyone. If I haven't posted in the correct forum I'm sorry. Looking through the threads this looked like the best place to post to me. Our local Wal-Mart's has corn seed packets on sale for 50 cents. My question is are the growers or Wal-Mart required to test for GMO contamination here in the continental U.S.? I didn't see anything about it on the packs of seed...
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You should contact the seed companies on the packets for your answer. I do know that the bargain varieties are tough and require immediate cooking after picking. I recommend picking a packet of Burpee corn seed at Walmart. They sell more "modern" varieties which are more tender and sweeter. Some of their corn is marked grown in GMO's allowed in the UK.
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I think some of the commercial growers here can answer in details, but you can't just buy GMO seeds off the shelf because you have to sign some kind of agreement and pay royalty fee. It's a copyrighted intellectual property. Maybe there could be contamination, but don't I think they go out there way to sell GMO seeds over the shelf, it's just not their business, and probably gets the seeds re-seller in trouble. If you are concerned you can get USDA Organic labeled packages, or from places like Seeds Saver Exchange.

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If it isnt labeled then it wasnt tested.
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DNA from GMO corn has been showing up in seed labelled organic. I think the only way to tell for sure is expensive testing. It would be easiest to just buy corn grown in Europe, like dustdevil said.
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Not from Spain, unless you know where it was grown.
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