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Default sweet potato okinawan

Who can help me? I am searching for the variety okinawan,it is a sweet potato from japan.The problem is i know who has it in his cataloque,sandhill is the name.The problem is sandhill doesnot shipping bulbs and tubers etc, outside the usa.Problem two i am living outside the usa,namely in the netherlands.Who can help me solving this problem?
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I checked our supplier to see if he grows okinawan and would ship to you direct, but the answer was no on both counts. Sorry, I couldn't help you.

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Okinawan is a very long season sweet potato with a unique sensitivity to day length. It will grow rampantly in the summer but will not produce bulbous roots until shorter days in the fall. Overall, 140 days are required to produce edible roots.

I am fairly certain that dutch laws prohibit importing sweet potatoes from the U.S. because of several pests.

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Default sweet potato

This is a seed dealer in the philippines see if he can get them for you,,good luck if he can't he may know a link for you.
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