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Today is my 53rd birthday, and I want to eat my favorite food. Seafood and fresh water food. Vegetables and fruit can take a break for one meal. So what kind of seafood do I like? I haven't eaten any that I didn't like. Favorites are shrimp, crawfish, crab legs, crappie, and channel cat. All of which I would rather catch myself, but I have too many things going on, and the crab legs part - you're not going to find me out on a boat in Alaska trapping them - I would have done it when I was younger though.

I like seafood prepared simple and quick. I like the taste of seafood - not spices.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert
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I dont like spicy fish either unless I am bored to death.
Just a little salt and black pepper please.
I also cant stand the so called spicy fries.

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Rajun, those chops look amazing ! did you brown them before putting in the pressure cooker ?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
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Rajun Gardener
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Happy Birthday Salt!!!

Find a good seafood buffet and eat till you can't walk.

Mater, yes, I browned them first. That makes a big difference in flavor.

Worth, I picked up some Achiote powder to use in a rub. I also noticed they had a paste too. I think I'm gonna cook a chicken with a lime juice/achiote marinade for supper.
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Happy Birthday Salt. I hope you get a belly full of seafood today. The only seafood I have tried that I didn't care for is squid.

Rajun, as always your food looks delicious!
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I had something I've never had before last night and, considering it's a vegetable I don't really care for it was good! Roasted Radishes! Just tossed in a li'l olive oil and salt and pepper and baked on a baking sheet in a 400 degree oven for about 20-25 minutes. YUM!

Salt, eat as much seafood as you want! Birthdays come once a year and we only have one life to live! Hope you're b-day is blessed!

Rajun, as always the chops look awesome!
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Hey Salt, have a great birthday dinner! I'm with you on the seafood, it's the best!!! Hope you get all your favorites.
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