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Default Finally picking my first tomatoes

My mammoth Ildi plant is finally ripening tomatoes, and is just covered with tons of greenies, so I'm looking forward to continued snacking.

For now, I've picked a few ripened yellow gems, and they were delicious. Not as flavorful as some cherry/grape tomatoes I've had in the past, but definitely plenty of flavor

Here's some of what I've got to look forward to:

Also, my black cherry plant is finally setting lots of baby maters:

You can see in the 2nd pic just how tall the plant has gotten. That's a 6-foot wall behind it, and it's overgrown it by at least a foot. I've told my neighbor that any suckers that grow down over his side of the wall are fair game.

..but the one I'm still the most anxious about is the variety I call "Zelinda's Pear" that I've grown from a tomato I brough over from Australia. The tomatoes from that plant were just amazing.. big, succulent, delicous piriform pear tomatoes. I just have one plant of it in my garden, but it's turning into a monster. Big, strong, THICK stems/vines.. and The tomatoes look like they could very likely get big:

I could sail by on the winds of silence, and maybe they won't notice... but this time I think it would be better if I swim..
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I am Dr. maziuaf
Tomato Breeder since last 10 years.
working on beef, cherry and general tomatoes.
have good variation in both determinate and indeterminate tomatoes.
See you all to discuss on tomatoes.
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Lovely! That plant is loaded!
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