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Default Speck, Spot, Bacterial, Fungal ?


Last Sunday afternoon we scrambled and brought in the few
tender houseplants that have been outside for the summer.
Meyer lemon and a couple cacti type things. Not a houseplant
person but some sentimental few.
Possible frost predicted but not a hard one.

Did not think to bring in this Aji pepper. Early Monday morn it
was a sad droopy mess. But not as bad as say a basil that gets
hit with the slightest cool breeze. (basil is long gone)
The other peppers have a heartier leaf and seemed fine.
Cut off these leaves (pic) and the plant seemed to perk up inside.
Fast forward a few days...I slid past it this morning and a few
dozen leaves fell off. Slightly yellowing. Some similar spots.

I don't really need to save the plant, but it is still full of peppers.
My best plant this season fruiting since early June.

Tomato plants are fine. A bit of rare-to-me powdery mildew on a
few toms. A few similar leaves on the other peppers....Mareko,etc

*I have had, since late August, a forest tree loosing its leaves for
weeks and maybe a few different trees. One looks like a beech.
Similar spots. (I keep a small leaf blower to keep them off
everything...takes 30 seconds if that).
....or could the cold Monday morning temps bring on the spots.
wishful thinking,
Maybe just prune it back heavily and spray? Copper?
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