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Default Galena Peak

Galena Peak is the working name for an ongoing project. One of those "holy grail" goal ideas - Meaty, sweet, and high production. The cross is
(Ernie's x Coyote) x (Ernie's x Ananas Noir) F2

The idea here is to combine the sweet and savory tastes of two of my favorite tomatoes (Ananas Noir and Coyote) with the massive production of Ernie's Plump. The F1 was a nice big red, but the F2's were all over the place -

L 4-3 Totally my favorite. Nearly as sweet as Coyote

L 4-6

L 4-8, L 4-9

L 4-5

L 4-4

And here's the '16 F3's --

L 22-1 - Ananas Noir type interior, taste 8/10

L 20-3. L 20-5, L 20-1
20-3 had good “black tomato” flavor. 20-5 and 20-1 were “no saves”

L18-4 L 18-1
Loved both of these. AN type (green/pink) interior, black skin, very early. Taste-wise
18-5 was 8.5/10, and 18-1 was a 9/10. A definite carry forward.

L-M - AN type w/red skin, pretty, good (not top of the line) taste.
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