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Default Question about bell hybrids

I have never grown any of the hybrids but am thinking of it this year. Uusally rely on California Wonder or one of the others. Anyone have experience with Touchdown, Socrates, or Revolution?
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I usually don't grow hybrids but I have to admit Revolution is the most productive bell pepper I have ever grown. It handles southern heat and humidity well and mine produced until we actually had a frost.
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I have had good results with socrates. Heaviest bell I grow and stays firm when red. Two others that produce well here are King Arthur , formerly fat and sassy, and Red Knight.
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These are the sweet peppers I've tried so far:

Ace, Adriane, Ariane, Atris, Big Red, Blushing Beauty, California Golden Wonder, California Wonder, Camelot X3R, Carmen, Chervena Chuska, Chinese Giant, Corno di Toro, Early Sunsation, Fat n' Sassy, Frank's, Giant Aconcagua, Giant Marconi, Golden Marconi, Golden Summer, Golden Treasure, Gourmet, Gypsy, Healthy, Kaleidoscope Mix, Karma, King Crimson, King of the North, Jingle Bells, Lipstick, Marconi, Marconi Red, Margaret's, Melrose, Nocera Rosso, New Ace, Orange Bell, Orange Sun, Orange Sunsweet, Palanacko Cudo, Purple Beauty, Quadrato D' Asti, Red Beauty, Red Cheese, Red Knight, Red Mini Bell, Revolution, Slonovo Uvo, Sunrise Orange Bell, Sweet Chocolate, Taurus, Tolli's Sweet, Wisconsin Lakes, Yankee Bell and Yellow Bell;

and of the bells, Revolution, Red Beauty and Red Knight performed the best in my area (southeast PA). That said, I don't often try new bell peppers because I get much better production from the sweet non-bell types like Palanacko Cudo and Slonovo Uvo. I am trying one new bell this year, though- Kevin's Early Orange, along with Super Shepherd which is also a new one for me.

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Has anyone grown Horizon Orange? It seems to be an OP according to some source, but not sure. Someone gave me seeds for it, and I might give it a try, despite of the aphid threat...
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I had good luck with Red Knight. I will probably try Socrates as well this year.
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Along with kayrobbins,

I have to second Revolution. Grown in containers that often dried out completely, Revolution still out produced any other bell pepper I've ever grown. They produced good-size also, being we like stuffed peppers. I got from FEDCO, there are probably other sources. -Randy
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