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So if I already have a shelf thats like the picture below, and I pull a sheet of 6mil plastic fro back to front (leaving the sides open) - do I need to set it out of the sun still?

Will this work? Once I do this, I'm leaving them out all day until I get home...
OR I was going to order some Agribon for later in the season anyways... will that work better than plastic?

And this portable greenhouse thingy was what I initally talked about buying.. These greenhouses are around $20ish and it seems like 6mil sheeting at the big box improv stores are around that price... more than I can use but that's how they come...

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I have been using one of those portable greenhouses for three years for all my hardening off. I just need to make sure I open it completely early every morning, and close it each evening before the temp dips too low. Except for the high winds taking it down about a week ago, it has worked great. I usually put a cinderblock on the bottom shelf, but hadn't gotten around to it and after planting out most of the cool weather crops, it was almost empty.

This year will be the last for it -- the sun has taken it's toll on the cover and it's starting to dry out and crumble. I already picked up a replacement for $18. I may keep the frame from the old one and see if I can fashion up a cover from some plastic sheeting. I have a large roll of plastic "drop cloth" I bought in the paint dept. of Home Depot which should work.
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Great ideas all. Thanks.

I have given up on the storage container idea in part because I am out of work for a short time and have the time to harden off the plants properly.

I will either buy or make a cold frame though, at least for next year, and maybe earlier for growing some cool weather crops after the tomatoes are done in my raised bed.

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