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Default 16 February 2017 Lentil Smoothie 16 February 2017 Lentil Smoothie
Lentils are readily sprouted in about three days. Soak 1/4 cup in water for 24 hours, place in sprouting basket and change water about twice per day and in three days the lentils sprout. Only small shoots are required to release nutrients. The sprouts are placed in a blender and mixed with juices into a smoothie. In this batch I used, mixed vegetable, tomato, apple, and concord grape. I drink about two glasses per day. A new batch is made every morning.Lentils were chosen due to being low cost, readily available, and they sprout readily. Other sprouts of choice may be used.
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That's interesting. Might give that a try when I get in the bigger kitchen.
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I eat lentils all the time, but I never thought about sprouting them.
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