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Well Worth, thanks for your wonderful detailed response. I feel like I am standing in your kitchen and taking a look around. You have gotten somewhere, now it is just finishing that project up. I get you on the too crowded issue, and I decided to fix that problem with my galley kitchen was to build one of my counters much deeper than the usual. This would allow for deep pull out shelf/drawers and to have counter appliances available without taking up useable cabinet or counter space. So, basically, it's an island without taking the space of an island in the middle of the room, space I don't have. So, my idea is to build the counter out to be as deep as possible to make my refrigerator and freezer look built in. This will give me an extra deep counter I can leave the immersion bender, the vitamix, and the big mixer in the back area. This leaves me plenty of counter space without having to work around these appliances as I do now. Then building the pullout drawer/shelves will allow for space to hold a lot of food supplies inside. I cook from scratch most of the time, so having storage space for everything would be great. Now, the only problem I have with this is, my kitchen's longest wall has a stove, and a freezer on it. If I put the refrigerator on the same wall that means it leaves me about 50" of counter space only. Plus, where to put the stove since the deeper counter will swallow it on one side or the other, lol. Yep, just like you. I keep planning and changing, but someday it will all come together.

Edited to say: Worth, you will always be my friend!

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