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Default seed starting shelf....

I hope this is okay to post here, I'm not trying to sell anything through TV, just get an idea on value.

Sadly I won't be able to have a garden this year. A contract wasn't renewed and now we have 5 months for my husband to find a new job, sell our house and move

We made this seed starting shelf last year and it worked amazingly well! But we can't move it so I'm going to put it on my local craigslist. Any suggestions on how much I could expect to get for this? (shelf and 4 light fixtures) It can fit up to 6 trays, but is only set up for 4 right now. I took a closeup of the side so you can see how the dowel turns raising the lights (and locks in place with a big bolt & eye screw). I want to say the materials came in just under $100, but that seems high (not including the lights, which are just the cheapest things we could find at Lowes several years ago). Any suggestions are helpful!

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Not sure of value but looks like it was quality built. Good Luck....
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Put some lush green plants on there, take pictures with a good quality camera, and ask for $200.

That would sell around here no problem.
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Old March 5, 2016   #4
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I notice you didn't take into account the time you spent assembling things and the price of the lighting. "The one giving advice is not the one footing the bill so I won't suggest changes but you can tell a prospective buyer he can easily add four wheels and be able to move the shelves about, indoors and outdoors. I'm sure you'll find a buyer not too far from your place.
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