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Default micro-dwarf 2019 trials

Some observations from growing microdwarfs next to each other in the ground. Preparing notes for future crosses and growouts. These are all the seeds I got from other members: MrBig46, GrowingCoastal, nyrfan, Dapseeds, dfollet from my thread request. Thought this information might be useful for other members.

Measuring fruit diameter, height from base to tip, spread, and notes on staking. Haven't tasted everything yet. Saving tomatoes to do side by side taste.

Andrina .75" fruit, 5" height, 3" spread, need staking
Aztec .75" fruit, 8" height, 5" spread, might need staking
Bajaja (Baby) 1" fruit, 12" height, 18" spread, needs staking
Chibikko 1" fruit, 7" height, 28" spread, no staking
Florida Petit 1.5" fruit, 7" height, 4" spread, no staking
Golden Pearl .5" fruit, 10" height, 3" spread, no staking
Hardin .75" fruit, 7" height, 5" spread, needs staking
Hahms Gelbe Topftomate .75" fruit, 6" height, 4" spread, no staking
Minibel .75" fruit, 10" height, 7" spread, needs staking
Red Robin 1" fruit, 7" height, 3" spread, no staking
Rosy Finch 1" fruit, 8" height, 4" spread, no staking
Pinocchio .75" fruit, 7" height, 6" spread, no staking
Pinocchio Orange .5" fruit, 8" height, 4" spread, no staking

Window Box Roma, 1.25" fruit, 13" height, 6" spread, no staking
Yellow Dwarf .75" fruit, 6" height, 4" spread, needs staking
Yellow Canary 1" fruit, 6" height, 6" spread, may need staking
Yellow Pygmy .75" fruit, 13" height, 7", needs staking
Venus .5" fruit, 8" height, 3" spread, no staking
Vilma 1" fruit, 8" height, 4" spread, no staking

Only major notes are that Chibikko and Bajaja are much bigger than I imagined. Bajaja is squat and very bushy, compact, dense foliage. Chibikko tends to sprawl out very wide. The later seems to get away with no staking, but it's almost vining like an indet. I think everything but these two you might get away with planting two maybe even three in a single 2-4 gallon planter. Chibikko and Bajaja are big enough that they will require a planter to themselves.

Window Box Roma I noticed did really poorly in the cold. I set these out in May but we had a couple of stretches of late cold sub 50 days. WBR was the only one that just didn't bother growing. It starting to grow only once we hit 65.

I also grew out Red Russian, Russian Red, Orange Hat, and Jochalos. I think I mixed up the first two, and the latter two got hit by hail, so that's the next growout. Tormato was kind enough to send over some blacks, and included Microtom, which I grew out as well. It's a bigger plant than I expected, almost as big as some of the DTP 'maters, so I didn't bother including it in my measurements.
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Interesting indeed! Looking forward to the taste test results.
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