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Default High Tunnel 2016

I finally got my high tunnel planted today. It's 18 1/2' by 48'. With about three feet to walk around the end of each row, I'd guess each row to be 42 feet. I just counted my list below, and there are 60 plants.

The high tunnel puts me about 30 days ahead of the outside gardens. I will have tomatoes for the market in June, before everyone's garden tomatoes ripen in July.

Here are some pics:

I found a 4-pound bag of Tomatotone and about half a pound of greensand. I spread that over the three rows. It's a ridiculously small amount of fertilizer. I may feed through the drip irrigation later. I mounded the beds back up with a hoe; that buried the fertilizer a little.

Here is the variety list. The number in parenthesis is the number of plants of that variety, if more than one. Some names are the English translation with the Russian listed next to it.

100 Pudov (5)
Agatha (4)
Big Beef x Eva Purple Ball
Black Amber (4)
Brandwine Cowlick’s x Big Beef
Buckbee’s New 50 Day
Cosmonaut Volkov (3)
Early Glee
First Love - Pervaya Lyubov
Great Warrior - Velikiy Voin
Productive from Altai (9) - Altajskij Urozajnij
Rebel Yell (2)
Russian Soul - Russkaya Dusha
Sol Gold (9)
Sweet Doughnut - Sladkij Ponchik
Tarasenko 6 (5)
Titan Red (3)
Ton of Sugar - Sakharnyi Pudovichok

Cosmonaut Volkov and Titan Red came from my own saved seeds. Everything else was from swaps and trades. Thank you to all the people who traded with me and participated in the swaps.
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