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Default Update LED lights vs T5 fluorescents experiment

Hi all,

I had a thread awhile back, I switched to a Viparspectra light system for tomato & pepper seedlings because the T5's were very warm.

As it happened, I have so many seedlings that I placed some down cellar (where it's cooler) under the T5s, so I had a bit of an experiment going.

All the seedlings seem pretty happy, I've got them out under some sun/shade today, I plant late so I'm just starting to harden off. I planted my seeds indoors April 16 so they're just about 4 weeks old.

There is quite a difference, the fluorescent seedlings on the left are darker green, shorter thicker stems. (I did forget to turn the fan off once or twice so they got more fan time).
The LED plants on the right are lighter green and a little leggier, both have a little purpling the T5 plants were more purplish. I gave them all some Epsom salt 1Tb/gallon.
Will be interesting to see how they go once in the garden! (apologies for the styrofoam cups, using a more eco friendly option once I use them up)

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