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Default Hypothetical Ideal Sunlight For Production

Assuming you could have as much direct sunlight as you wanted, is there a point at which more sunlight does not equal more fruit production? Kind of a theoretical question since we cannot control the sun but wondering if any botanists would know the answer....anecdotal evidence for me suggests that there is little different in production once you get 6 hours of direct sunlight...
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It has been worked out but I believe they work it out by solar radiation per meter square per day or something like that and too little or too much intensity at any time is detrimental to production.

And then you need ideal co2 and temps at the roots and air temp around the plants, spacing and a bunch of other stuff is very important or the light does not get used to its fullest.
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There are areas of my garden that don't get completely dark,I am sure that is also a factor.
Light pollution from streetlights and porch lights.
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