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Default Asparagus Bean blight? Anyone dealt with something like this?

This is what's on my asparagus long beans - it looks rather like tomato blight, right? ts rapidly infecting all the leaves : (
Has anyone had to deal with something like this? How would you treat it?

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I've never grown Asparagus Bean, but for blights on regular beans, I've had excellent results using horsetail tea. Equisetum Arvense.

For each gallon of tea you will need
6 fresh fronds (30 - 36 inches in length) chopped into 1/2" pieces
1 gallon of tap water
molasses (used as a sticker for the spray, it helps hold the tea on the plants being sprayed)

Boil the chopped fronds for 15 minutes, allow to cool overnight, strain the tea and store until needed. It will keep for over a year without refrigeraton.

This is a concentrated tea. To use as a preventative spray, add 1 1/8 cups of the tea to 1 gallon of tap water and add 1 teaspoon of molasses. (Make it easy on yourself, I put 2 cups of hot water in a quart jar and add the molasses to the quart jar. It makes it much easier to dissolve the molasses. Then pour the molasses water into your gallon and finish filling.) Spray the plants to the point of runoff, being sure to cover all surfaces of the plant.

For an active infection like you have, you double the amount of tea to 2 1/4 cups per gallon of spray.

It won't raise the dead. Any damaged leaves will remain damaged, but you should see that it's no longer spreading and new growth should be disease free. This is why it is important to catch it early before the plants sustain severe damage.

I normally make it in 3 gallon batches (enough to last all season) and include the preventative rate (1 1/8 cups per gallon of spray) when I spray my Garlic, Red Pepper and Sage tea every 10 days to 2 weeks. If you don't want to keep the tea on hand, you can chop the fresh horsetails and freeze them for use when needed. Claud
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Thanks for responding. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled to see where I can nab some fronds here in the city... I tried some serenade but it didn't do anything... what started at the bottom has pretty much infected the whole plant now.
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