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Default Soil Moist Root Dip

Has anyone used "Soil Moist root-dip"TM in any of their greenhouse/high tunnel or potted plant growing? have you seen any benefit from using it? it has endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi in it.
carolyn k

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No, but this will be the third year I've used this product.

I soak all my transplants in it just before planting. Contains Bacillus pumilus and humic acid.

When planting seed I put the seed in the ground, wet the seed with the solution and cover (improves germination rate and sprout vigor). Then when the plants have their first true leaves I apply a drench to the plants. Works for me at little cost. Claud
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I see there are different products for trees, shrubs vs plants, which is a good thing, as they are different organisms. More specifics and what sprays not to use if you click on Form E.

The only thing I've used for bare root shrubs or trees is kelp solution dip - not mycos but works well - and kelp solution to water tomatoes in the greenhouse, for the transplant stress.
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