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Originally Posted by KarenO View Post
The packet I received packed for 2017 is from Sandhill
Imagine that
Yes, I can imagine that, especially since I just found it in my 2017 Sandhill catalog.

Was it me who sent it to him?I don't think so since I would have sent it as Early Girl dehybridized F1,or something like that.

Glenn has listed the dehybridized versions of Big Boy and Better Boy hybrids in the past and probably more, but I was the one who tried to dehybridize either Big Boy or Better Boy, can't remember,with the help of Dr.Ovid Shifriss when he was at Burpee and who bred it. Ok,it would have been Big Boy F1 since that came first before Better Boy F1 which was bred elsewhere in CA.

So I'll give Glenn a call sometime and see where he got it from and check back with this thread.

Carolyn, sheesh,it was Burpee who had that 3 year exclusive on Early Girl F1 when it got here from France which has been noted in this thread already. So this is making more sense to me now, and that's good.
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