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Originally Posted by Lindalana View Post
I love Marianne Peace but it is late for me almost not worth growing. What are you times for planting it?
Also for those ones? How late are they? Heatherington Pink, Ernesto, and Ludmilla’s Pink?
Am glad to see someone else loves RUssian Bogatyr, I too love this one and grows well for me at reasonable midseason times.
This year the varieties you mentioned were planted out on May 6 and Heatherinton Pink produced the first fruit in 92 days, Marianna's Peace in 69, Russian Bogytar in 69, Ernesto in 83 days and Ludmilla's Pink in 74. That was this year and sounds about right for other years, too. First frost was October 27, so that gave them all plenty of time to produce.
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Thanks! If you are able to share I would love to try your Marianna Peace seeds. MIne are 90 days or so.
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