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Default Cherry Tom's only for Market? Anyone?

So far this year, it looks like I am already fighting an uphill battle with disease issue in the Greenhouse. Shaping up to be the worst year yet. *sigh*

I was watering this morning, and was taking note of all the plants that I need to remove. Everyday it seems to be a new one. Looks like Wilt disease of some kind.

As I was taking note, walking along and watering, I was snatching cherry tomatoes to snack on. Those plants are going to town. Growing faster then I can manage them. Absolutely looking gorgeous. They seem to be loving the Combo of Espoma Plant Tone, Espoma Chicken Manure, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, and Epson Salts. That combo is a monthly feeding. I can barely keep up with suckering, which I havent really been keeping up on.

Then it occurs to me. And I figured what better place to ask, then here? Does anyone else grow only Cherries for Market???

Even in my worst Tomato years, I have always had plenty of Cherries. I have noticed, for me at least:

1. Less issue with disease.
2. Produce and ripen faster.
3. More tolerant of shade.
4. More drought tolerant.
5. BER doesnt seem to be an issue at all.

So, going forward, looks like im going to have some vacancies in the GH. I have a bunch of plants that need to exit. I started thinking, should I start more seeds? Should I just sucker and root? Then it occurred to me, why not just utilize what is already growing? Im thinking string up the branches that I would normally prune. I use the white GH clips. You clip it on the string, then around the branch. Im thinking just keep stringing up all the branches, and let them keep producing. Eventually the GH roof may be a canopy of tomato leaves. That might actually help with keeping it a little cooler.

So... thats where I am at. Anyone have any advice. Thoughts. Concerns. Comments.
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