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Default City Picker Planters...

I have a question for ya... this comes with a piece of black plastic that you are supposed to lay down and cut holes to plant thru right... do I have to use "black" plastic or can I use the drop-off greenhouse plastic on these??
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I don't know what drop-off greenhouse plastic is. The one I got was not really plastic, but more like a mesh. I think something that breaths is better, especially if it's black and summer.
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The purpose of the cover is to keep the moisture in because your water in the bottom reservoir needs to be saved for the potting mix to wick up into the plant. Without the cover of plastic you will have dry soil from the sun and wind which would be detrimental to the plants.

When I used my Earth Boxes and needed a new cap I used the plastic that I saved from the peat moss and other mixes I bought for around the garden. They work well, just tuck them down inside the container and put the holes in them with a sharp knife to plant through.
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