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I've thought of several variants of how to secure these. The one closest to the above is to use a piece of nylon rope -- probably 3/16" around the perimeter and put a loop at both ends. That should only require 1 zip-tie to tighten the rope around the EB. Nylon is rot and UV resistant, so it should last a long time. (But if buying rope for this, make sure it is not just "Poly" and also does say UV resistant.)

Since I put tomato cages in the EB's and lash the cages to the wooden stand they sit on for stability, I might not even have to use an additional securing line. The cages go through the plastic in at least 8 spots (2 cages/box), and that should hold the covers in place. I'll try a couple of methods next spring and see what looks easiest/best.
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Originally Posted by Greatgardens View Post
How many ties did it require to do it with the perimeter attachment? Just from memory, the perimeter is about 6-7 feet? Looks nice and secure.
For the long ties, it needed 6

For the 2nd box, 12 of the short ones (the one that connected the loop was only used about 2".

Both have plants in now and so far so good. If this works out, at the end of the season, I will cut one to unloop it and save the rest and just connect a new one next season.

I also use cages in my EB, and use 1 tie to connect the two together at the top. Also attached bamboo poles with zip ties to extend the cages. Last year, we had a 10 month season and there was no degradation in the ties. I clipped them to store everything over the summer. My neighbors are still intact from Sept '16, no wear and tear at all.

I have 3 EB left and also one huge white perlite bag to use; so I will do 2 more with that bag.

By the time you all need to do your EB, I will have good feedback using this method
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You can get large rubber bands at about $.25 ea. from Uline:
I'll be using about 1/4 a box with red plastic sheeting this year.

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Tucked in trash bags or peat/soil bags work well for me too but I have only a little rain in the spring and then mostly dry all summer. Sometimes a shower but not a big factor.
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