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Black cherry hates cool damp weather big time and will flop from disease at the drop of a hat.
This isn't an observation from one year growing it but several.
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Black Cherry has been on my must-grow list for years, and I usually grow at least six: three in the hoophouse, and three outside. The one trick I’ve learned to get the best (heavenly) flavor is to not rush them, but let them get really ripe. At just full color they are bland at best, but resist the rush until they are really dark and begin to soften a bit, and revel in the flavor explosion.

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Black Cherry can be pretty sour. I describe it as being sweet and sour (the gel is sour and the walls rather sweet).
OP, you should try Berkley Tie Dye Pink, it's stronger/sourer tasting than BC.
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The three cherries that are often compared with
each other,hopefully in the same season are

Black Cherry, developed by TGS
Chocolate Cherry, developed by Aaron Whaley
Brown Cherry,history not clear.

If you do a search here at Tville,you should be able to come up with those comparisons.

And as I said above I know of other cherries that are dark as well, the one I think I like best is

Chornaya Lakoma

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I'm growing Black Cherry also. To my taste buds, it's a sweet tomato. From what little I've read about cherry tomatoes, it might be second only to Sungold in flavor. Hopefully yours was just an early tomato, and that they will come around.
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Black Opal is also very good.
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Koala Doug
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I've had some lackluster Black Cherry fruit as well. And I also noticed a sourness that wasn't pleasing to my palate. Some of the fruit was good, but none were ever great. Frankly, I prefer Maglia Rosa (of which, reputedly, Black Cherry is a parent).
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Originally Posted by NarnianGarden View Post
Black Opal is also very good.
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If you look at the blossom end of a Black Cherry, the color should not be silvery, or pink, but a dark maroon. Then it's ripe.

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Black Cherry has been an annual tomato since the first year it was offered for sale (I think it was even a year earlier but my memory is fading) and it has been the only cherry I pick off the vine and eat in the garden. Never a sour one here; always rich and sweet.
there's two things money can't buy; true love and home grown tomatoes.
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