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Originally Posted by whoose View Post
Of course arsenic or arsenic-like compounds is correct. With all the health problem family and friends are having one more factor that I can control type of wood) is just something I can do.
It is your choice.

Great, I respect that you are worried about the health of your family, we all need to be more health conscious.
And I'm not going to clutter up this thread with debates or get the mods upset, but I just thought it odd that the only post from you on this thread points to your post that I feel is misinformation (Fear Mongering, My opinion)
Your post in this thread insinuates an issue with PT right off the bat, I think that was rude considering it is your opinion and your first post on this thread.

When I first researched the use of ACQ (todays PT wood) in my garden, I not only looked into the safety of the material but how it would affect the soil food web.
I would hate to see someone scared away from a readily available building material that is inexpensive and safe.

If anyone reading this thread is really concerned with using "TODAY'S"pt wood ACQ (wood-treatment chemical that contains no arsenic, chromium, or any other chemical considered toxic by the EPA) read the study below.

This study is mostly geared toward the use of CCA (By January 2004, the EPA will not allow CCA products for any of these residential uses)

MODS; The first link is a direct download of the PDF, I hope this is allowed, if not please remove it.
Read this PDF from Penn State Extension by
Richard Stehouwer, Ph.D.
Professor Of Environmental Soil Science
If the PDF don't work click here.

I am a bit curious, what is Arsenic-Like, is it on the periodic table? Can you enlighten me on this?

PS. I see you use a lot of plastics in your garden, you may want to make sure they are safe, also check into the fertilizers and or chemicals you use if you do use them, they may break down plastics. The safe ones are HDPE, LDPE.

I also see Galvanized metal, aren't you worried about the effects of killing off some of the Microbes with Zinc, Nickel and Bismuth leaching?

And then I see Cinder blocks are suggested for a raised bed, I would do a bit of research on that as there seems to be leeching issues with the use of True Cinder blocks using Fly Ash (which which is a by-product of coal) can leach things such as radium and arsenic. I would much rather use PT wood than cinder blocks.

Then there's concrete blocks made from cement, which look like the old cinder blocks that can leech lime and mess with ph of the soil, I have not researched blocks much but if anyone is interested they can start here For further reading on that click this link.

Bottom Line folks, do your homework and make your own decision, don't let opinions that aren't backed up scare you away!

BTW, very envious of your greenhouse.
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