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Default Garden Preparation

Does it ever end?

Dig the dandelions from the beds.
Remove and pot up or transplant the extra volunteer seedlings.
Dig out the hedge of ornamental grass which has suddenly gotten huge. Pot up clumps afer finding big-enough containers.
Cut back the grapes and make grape wreathes. (I did five big ones too!)
Transplant some shrubs and shrublets.
Water and feed some plants that need water and food.
Mow. Rake. Dig. Turn.
Dog Bombs. Sigh.
Clean and reorganize garage.
Clean the patio furniture and barbecue.
And maybe tomorrow I'll snap some picts of seedlings and do some transplanting. For now...asprins, takeout, tigerbalm and zzzzzzzzzzz.
When Hell freezes over the Devil will Winter Sow.
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Does it ever end? I hope not. Most of what you mentioned sounds like fun--except for the garage cleaning and dog bombs.
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When we're dreaming of spring in the depths of winter, somehow we forget about all the hard work it brings with it!!

I hear you on the aspirin/takeout/bath/bed...last week I strained muscles I didn't know I had! I do love it though!

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