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Default Leggy Pole Bean question

I always start my Quintus Pole Beans inside and have very good results. This year is turning out to be really unusual- we had record snow, now are having a cloudy, windy spell. My bean seedlings are looking good, but are about 6-8" tall in their soil- in my greenhouse. My question is: how will they respond to planting out deep in the soil?- I dug trenches to try to warm the soil, but with no sun it isn't helping! Will roots form on stems like tomatoes do? Can I lay them down on the sides ? Or am I going to have to sow another batch? I have plenty of saved seeds. I'll appreciate any help--thanks- Jo in TriCities WA
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Planting a little deep won't hurt, but I don't think they make roots like tomatoes. But they are pole beans. Just plant them as usual, (hardened off, of course), and give them something to climb. They'll do fine, I bet.
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They will not form roots along the stem like tomatoes and you may cause rot if you plant the stems.
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I always start my beans early in the greenhouse and sometimes planting gets delayed due to weather and they will be a bit to tall and I plant them deeper and have never had a problem. I do grow in raised beds that drain well though. If you are planting them in regular garden soil that is wet you might be better off not planting deeper. You could help support them by using some light dry mulch to help them stay upright until they thicken and toughen up if hardening them off hasn’t done yet.

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We have a warm sunny day so I out them in the ground0 a raised bed with good soil. Just in case they don't make it I sowed more seeds today--

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A 6" to 8" transplant is nothing to worry about. Mine are 2'+ tall by transplant time. There's usually a constricted root ball, but the plant still does fine. The only problem I have is when about 20 seedling all decide to twine and climb up each other. It takes a bit of time to unwind them all.
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