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I agree with you completely on the impact fermenting has on what's good hot sauce. I also can't get excited about any of the old standby store hot sauces. I even feel a bit empty having to buy peppers at a store. I much prefer to use my own grown, so I'm growing about 75 pepper plants this year ranging from candy-sweet mild to face ripping hot 7 Pot Primos.

Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
The red peppers are ripe jalapenos I picked up at the Mexican market.
I have no idea if the poblano picked up any of the heat I guess it did but I tested the other stuff first.

What I ended up with was 1 1/2 half quarts of the poblano.
One 1/2 gallon jar, one quart jar and one pint jar of the red stuff.

This comes out to a grand total of 1 and 1/4 gallon of (((concentrated))) hot pepper sauce.

Now I can add yet more lime juice or sugar as I please or I can also use it for cooking and so on without the added lime and sugar or any other spices.
By doing this I can cook without the nasty taste of vinegar or any added salt.
There is zero vinegar in the sauce only some lime juice citric acid and xanthan gum.
Pretty much all natural or darn close to it if you ask me.
Since I started making my own hot sauces I dont even like my old favorites from the store anymore.
Fermenting peppers and not using vinegar has changed my whole idea and or concept of pepper sauce.

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