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Default amandine fingerling potato

Here's a question for Tom. I grew potatoes for the first time this summer. Of the four varieties I grew, my favorite was amandine finglerling. Knowing nothing about growing potatoes, or if I'd be able to grow them, I was delighted to find that there were actual potatoes down there after digging a bit. I thought that I had failed at potato growing because the vines never flowered (on the amandine) and then died. I decided that I had to know for sure, so I dug down deep with my trowel and impaled my first fingerling. After that, my husband helped me dig out the rest by hand. I felt like a kid in a candy store, hunting for my treasure! Who knew potatoes would be so fun! This potato was so good. Better than the others I grew. It had a really potatoey flavor. Unfortunately, the yield was pretty low and I had only planted 1 lb of seed potato to start with. There weren't that many big ones to save for seed. So we decided to just go ahead and eat them and enjoy. Now, I go back to the website where I ordered them and they no longer list it. I emailed to ask about it and no reply. I googled and can't seem to find anyone selling it. For next year, I would like to grow more finglerlings. It's rare that I find them at the market here and I really liked the ones I grew. What variety, that is readily available, would be similar to amandine? Or what readily available variety would be a more prolific, tasty, potatoey, fingerling?

Thanks for your time.


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