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Default Sources for scab resistant potato varieties

Looking to order some scab resistant potato varieties for my Norther Rockies garden. I will also try to lower my ph to 5.5 and grow a trial plot is straw. URL's and addresses of suppliers are helpful.
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Black Krim
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I have ordered garlic from this company and would order from them again. They have added potatoes. YOU will need to decide for yourself about the scab suseptability of each variety.

I odered my seedpotato from The Maine Potato Lady.
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Scab resistance in potatoes is a very limited and relative trait that hinges on factors often outside the control of the grower. There is really no true 'resistance', just differences in susceptibility.

The easiest way to avoid scab involves two things that can be somewhat controlled. Keeping soil pH low, and rotating crops on a rotation no shorter than 5 years, and often 7 years or longer. Though if your soil naturally harbors scab causing bacteria, then even rotation may not be likely to help much. Many soils naturally harbor such bacteria regardless of whether you are growing potatoes or not.

There are a number of scab resistant potatoes available commercially, but it is unclear to me how available they are to home growers or small scale farmers. There are probably many online lists purporting potatoes that are scab resistant. I would host such lists in question without documentation in the form of white papers or other published material from potato breeding programs, otherwise it is probably just anecdotal or subjective information based on information that is too limited to be useful broadly to most people.
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Black Krim
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I looked for growers information and found enough documentation to select a few of the more resistant varieties.

Some varieties very suseptable like yukon gold and kennebec.

Please see your other thread for info by variety that I could find. Level of suseptability varied for some. Made me wonder if there are different strains of scab across the country.

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