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Hey folks,

just thought I'd drop in with a report. I am taking a couple days off this week to get the garden rolling, here in NE Oklahoma. I'm particularly excited about potatoes! Last year,in the spring, I grew from seed of Chaposa, Huagalina. I started a couple others, but lost them, due in part to my inexperience, and in part to a fungus gnat infestation in my planter. Later, in the middle of August, I started seed from Azul Rose and Kern Brot. These I grew in containers, on my sun porch, until it got too cold. I then let them dry out and die down.

Anyway, I got into those containers last week and was DELIGHTED to find dozens of mini tubers! This spring I plan on growing all of our potatoes from these four seed grown strains as well as from some varieties which were sent to me last year: Bora Valley, Azul Toro (one plant, which I hope I haven't lost) and Chalice.

This, to me, is one of the most exciting developments; the possibility of growing our own potatoes from seed. If I can get seed production in our extreme climate, I will be a very happy man.

Huagalina started sprouting late last summer, in the garden. I transplanted some. But they didn't have time to produce. I'm hoping to find more starts, by digging, this week. Chaposa died down and I simply left it where it was.

Last August I also started seed to Muruta. I carried all my TPS seedlings to work and back, every day, so I could give them full sun and yet keep them from drying out. Folks thought it was funny that I had plants growing on the roof of my car. But that's where I kept them. One day, I received an important call when it was time to clock out. I was so involved in it that I jumped in the car and drove 1/2 mile to the time clock. I forgot to take Muruta down and they fell off the roof and into the road. When I went back and found them. Muruta was no more. This January I started more Muruta. But for some reason only one plant has survived. I have started yet another planting. I have high hopes for this variety.

Back in January one mini tuber from Azul Rose sprouted and grew leaves. This was on a very cool sun porch and with no watering. I assume this means that it will have a very short dormancy. All but one of the Azul Rose seedlings were beginning to sprout in their containers, when I checked last week. Non of the seedlings derived from Kern Brot have started to sprout. I placed them in slightly open baggies, with damp potting soil, under my planter lights, hoping to get them to break dormancy.

Tahlequah, OK
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Thought I would post these pics here as well as at Tom's site.

Here is a photo of the varieties Tom sent me this year. The link is to a large version of the photo in case someone wants to see the details. I put in a French Fingerling and La Ratte for comparison. I forgot to label the Skagit Valley Gold right side and second from the top. The one labeled ?Magic Dragon? is actually Golfing Magic. The biggest spuds in the group are Chellan!

And here is a pic of the TPS seedlings I am about to plant. There are 6 trays with 48 plants per but roughly 10% are still too small to go into the garden. The Azul Toro seedlings are in the right center of the pic, there are 19 seedlings of which 5 have heavy anthocyanin. I also have 5 more trays of seedlings still in the greenhouse that also need another week or two to grow. Also a link to the large version of this photo.

Here is the list as planted in the garden. This list goes from West to East

15 - Commercial Red
15 - La Ratte
8 - Muru
2 - Handel
5 - Boyde
2 - Golfing Magic
3 - Howie Mandel
4 - Magic Colors
2 - Deep Blush
9 - Skagit Valley Gold
8 - River Bend REd
5 - Rosaro
3 - Yungay
4 - Bolivian Tree Top
4 - Black Tom
3 - Harry Kaighin
3 - C97.007
6 - Black Irish

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Tom, any recommendations for short growing seasons, yet great taste?

I grew potatoes until my wife told me to stop, but if I get something really tasty I may be able to change her mind....maybe.
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Tom Wagner
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If my webmaster reloads the webshop you should be able to see about 115 kinds of potatoes available as TPS (true potato seed) I know about 70 were up last week.
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