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I am excited to hear this, I am growing Dikovinka cherry in addition to Start S F1 this year. First time for both, Dikovinka seed source was Carolyn’s Last Seed Offer thanks to FarmerShawn.
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Dikovinka has been a big winner for me for 5 years so far. After two years of growing it I shared seeds with Jeff Casey and Carolyn they loved this variety very much too. Great flavour, one of the best I ever enjoy. Very balanced fruity taste like if you cross SunGold F1 with Black Cherry. Grow this Russian CV every year.
1 kg=2.2 lb , 1 m=39,37 in , 1 oz=28.35 g , 1 ft=30.48 cm , 1 lb= 0,4536 kg , 1 in=2.54 cm , 1 l = 0.26 gallon , 0 C=32 F

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Default Start F1

I planted two Start F1 seeds on March 4. They were transplanted to 4 inch pots March 20. For the past two weeks they have spent daylight hours outside. They've been under the shop lights early mornings and evenings. Now on April 17, they are just about ready to go into permanent containers outside.

What size container will they need?
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They look great, better than mine. Thanks for sharing. I won't help you with that container, I only grow tomatoes in flower beds in the garden. It is a tomato with fruits the size of about 100 g, in my case the plant grown on one stem reaches a height of about 180 cm with seven inflorescences.
As RJGlew wrote, a tomato similar to 7 of July, although the fruit seemed a little bigger. It's been a long time since I've grown 7oJ, my memory doesn't serve me much anymore, maybe it's different
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Milan HP
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Wow, I haven't seen such sturdy and strong Starts before.

I don't know if my experience can be of any help to you. At home, I grow them in - you won't believe it - 12-liter containers (a bit over 3 gallons). And then they go onto the balcony. And they do just fine in the same containers. So I suppose that a 5-gallon container should be luxury for them. Of course, if you fertilize them adequately. I just use a basic sort of NPK fertilizer. Actually, if you really want to have the best taste, don't overdo either fertilizing or watering. The best tasting fruits are about 80 grams. I overdid both once, got fruits up to 150 g, but they weren't the usual 10 in taste (scale 0 - 10) I am used to. I'd compare them to Czechs: they are the best when they aren't being "spoiled".
Milan HP
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