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Default johns purple polish pole bean

i got these from tom galucci who hasn't been on here in a long time.

the purple is the color of the seed. a medium purple with a splash of white on the back of it. the bean is a flat pod yellow bean about six inches long. has anyone else grown it?
i know annette in B.C. has seeds that i sent her. all i know about the bean is tom got it from a neighbor of his named john who i assume is polish. i haven't seen anything quite like it. i grew it out a few years ago, before growing it again this year.
i will have seed available once everything is dried, and shelled.

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Hi Keith,

So far I've only grown them once from the seed you sent me, I only grew for seed so didn't get a taste, the one pole (4 seeds) grew well and produced a good amount of beans and I got a fair amount of seed. Next time we get to eat some.

The seed you sent is as you describe

the seed I harvested was a little different in color but same seed coat pattern, growing conditions?

I took another picture,(not very good) with a flash which brought out the purple shade.

I've accumulated so many beans I haven't grown yet and time is marching on but hope to grow these again in the not too distant future and actually get to eat some .

I thought I had inserted pics but they didn't show up.

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Sounds interesting - PM sent!
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The description matches two other beans that I know of; "Lilaschecke" and "Olteanu's Romanian Yellow". The latter of the two was sent to me misidentified as a runner bean (probably due to the deep purple seed color), but when grown, turned out to be P. vulgaris. Fairly short, flat yellow pods, with unimpressive flavor.

I received seed for "Lilaschecke", and it is visually identical to "Olteanu's Romanian Yellow"... but I have not yet grown it for direct comparison.
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