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Default New Garden Plot - Long Term Soil Building Project

So, today I decided to get started on expanding my Garden empire! Actually it was yesterday, but then the Tiller wouldnt fire up. I had to clean out the carburetor, then after that it started to rain. So today became the day that I broke ground on a new garden plot!

The location in question, and the trusty Cub Cadet RT65 tiller. This has been in the works for a couple years.

This location is located on the Southern side of the property. Since we had our property timbered, I have been keeping it mowed. Or at least partially mowed. Not every week, but about once a month. The main nuisance is wild black berries. They are a beast if not maintained. This particular area has the least amount of stumps, and is fairly flat. It runs downhill at maybe 10 degrees. Give or take.

On a side note, its amazing how fast Mother Nature takes back. I have been clearing out the debris as I mow the last couple of years, but it quickly became "yard looking". This is just one part of our property. All in all, we have over 4 acres. My main goal is to slowly reclaim it over time.

A nice specimen of a rock. I wear a size 13 shoe.

The first tilling went far better then I expected. A healthy amount of roots, but the tiller jerks them out. This plot measures 16 foot by 125 foot.

Next week I plan to get compost. I can have my truck loaded up for $20. A few loads should hopefully cover it. The bad part is that I cant get my truck back to this location. To many stumps in the way. I need to rent a stump grinder, but thats a project for another time. Ill have to use the trailer I have for my mower, and take it back. Its a dumping trailer, so at least I have that going for me.

This is definitely a long term soil building project. My goal is too keep working this over the Spring and Summer. Hopefully will get a Fall harvest out of it. Im thinking the easy stuff. Squash and Beans.
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